"Absolute Towers, Mississauga, Canada"

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The architect Ma Yansong is currently exhibiting in Madrid (Spain). The Museo ICO showcases the work of this Chinese artist until next March 3 2013.

Ma Yansong (Beijing, China 1975) is internationally well known in the architectural field by his project Absolute Towers among many others located in China and Canada. Finished in 2012, these two residential buildings (Mississauga, Canada) show the particular style of this architect, an avant-garde architectural approach.

Ma Yansong is the founder of the MAD Architecture Studio (Beijing). His organic, round, sinuous designs highlight his vision of the world, blurring the borders between Art and Architecture. As in Feeling are Facts (Beijing, 2010), his collaborative work with Iceland artist Olafur Eliasson.


Rocio Troncoso

More Information: Museo ICO, Feeling Are Facts.


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