"Martín Freire, featured artist from the Gallery Alarcón Criado (Sevilla) in ARCO 2013"



ARCOmadrid, the International Contemporary Art Fair, has opened its doors today in Madrid (Spain) and will be running until next 17 February, coinciding with the celebration of JUSTMAD International Contemporary Art Fair which will open tomorrow 14 February.

ARCO 2013 showcases the artwork from over 2.000 artists of more than 200 galleries coming from 27 different countries all over the world. The Forum, being developed alongside the art fair, focuses on some interesting issues such as collecting and blogging among others. The interesting ARCO Bloggers is an experimental project analyzing the transition from traditional to digital media.

The General Programe, MyFirstJUST, JUST Framed are some of the different sections within JUSTMAD 2013 where galleries, publishers, artistic collectives and other spaces can show the artworks of emerging artists. The fair, specialized on emerging art, will also be running until next 17 February. The programe includes the JUST Design section among many others dedicated to promote the work of young artists and the importance of the education in arts.

Anyone interested in contemporary art has a date with these two meetings, where they will have the opportunity of seeing, discovering, discussing and learning about the latest and the newest concerning this field.


Rocio Troncoso


More Information: ARCO, JUSTMAD.

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