The American artist Sol LeWitt is currently exhibiting at the amazing Centre Pompidou-Metz (Metz, France). The exhibition showcases over one hundred artworks from the private collection of the artist.

Sol LeWitt (1928 Connecticut, USA-2007 New York, USA) has been one of the leading exponents of Conceptual Art. A minimalist style, geometric shapes in a variety of colours and the use of steel hubs and bars are some of the characteristics of his artwork.

LeWitt was devoted to painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and drawing, although he is worldwide famous since the 1960s for his sculptures (structures) and drawings.

The exhibition ‘Sol LeWitt as a collector. An artist and his artists’, on view until 18 August 2013, features mainly Conceptual and Minimal artworks on paper, Japanese paintings and Aboriginal art among others, including a soundtrack composed by Sébastien Roux and also some texts by the artist Marcelline Delbecq.


Rocio Troncoso


More Information: Centre Pompidou-Metz.

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