LA Art Show 2014 is taking place in Los Angeles (USA) from 15 January to 19 January. Contemporary, Modern, Historic and Traditional art come together in this unique cultural show.

Visitors will have a first-hand opportunity to know artists showcasing alongside the four sections of the art fair: The Modern & Contemporary Section, The Historic & Traditional Contemporary Section, The Vintage Poster Section and The IFPDA Los Angeles Print Fair.

Chinese contemporary art has an important place within LA Art Show 2014 which features special exhibitions under the theme Hues of China.

A wide range of side events have also been set, from workshops to lectures, tours and special visits.


LA Art Show 2015

The Featured Guest Country at the next edition of the art show will be the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which will showcase some of its most important contemporary artists and artworks.


Rocio Troncoso

More Information: LA Art Show 2014.

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